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About ODOP:Spring

More than a Spring Calculator.

ODOP:Spring is a spring design application of the problem-independent Open Design Optimization Platform (ODOP) software. It finds solutions for demanding spring application requirements in mechanical engineering and machine design.

Most coil spring calculators require users to manually input values – such as wire diameter, coil diameter, free length and number of coils – and then repeatedly re-analyze until an acceptable solution is reached.

ODOP’s ability to invert formula relationships removes that guesswork. Spring design equations are backsolved to meet constraints placed on the problem variables.

Backsolving (Invert Equation Inputs and Outputs)

Goal seeking (Constrained optimization)

Standard Size Tables, Material Tables and Catalogs of Standard Designs

Save and Recovery of Custom Spring Designs

Browser-Based (Web App) Operation

Support for both U.S. customary (inches, pounds) and metric (mm, newtons) units

Online Help, Tutorials and Demos

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Not Just Calculations. Solutions.

Need to identify the lightest-possible material weight? Ensure a long spring life and low risk of failure?

Our helical coil spring design software can find the constrained extreme of any variable, whether independent or dependent.

If ODOP:Spring is unable to find a design that meets the designer’s objectives as expressed by their imposed constraints, it will automatically converge to a compromise.

From there, features are available to guide the designer in restructuring goals (for example, accepting an increase in size {weight; cost} or reduction in cycle life) to produce an acceptable final design with as little compromise as possible.

Compression Spring Design
Compression Spring Design

Design a custom helical coil compression spring, from ballpoint-pen springs to suspensions for mountain bikes, dirt bikes and vehicles.

Extension Spring Design
Extension Spring Design

Backsolve design problems for helical coil extension springs, including those used in garage doors, trampolines and industrial equipment.

Torsion Spring Design
Torsion Spring Design

Calculate highly constrained designs for helical coil torsion springs, such as those used in doors, vehicle ramps and mechanical watches.

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