Helical Compression Spring Design Software

More powerful than a spring calculator, ODOP:Spring is a full-featured web app enabling the engineering design of coil springs.

Set Design Goals. Get Solutions.

Free and open-source software, ODOP:Spring goes beyond the capabilities of a typical compression spring calculator.

Set your design goals by placing constraints or fixed values on variables such as spring rate and spring force. Our full-featured web app will then find the best design solution for your helical coil spring without the need for guesswork.

If our compression spring design software determines a feasible solution cannot be reached within your specified parameters, its Search feature will converge to a compromise solution.

From there, ODOP:Spring’s Trade feature can provide guidance to a workable design while ensuring the least possible compromise of your original design goals.

View the features page for more details.

Compression Springs on Brooks Bike Saddle
Photo by Delaney Turner under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

ODOP:Spring can help design a broad range of helical coil compression springs, including, but not limited to:

  • Mountain bike shock springs
  • Dirt bike shock springs
  • Suspensions for drag racing and other motorsports
  • Ballpoint-pen or notebook springs
  • Springs used in heavy-duty construction equipment
  • Springs used in medical and industrial equipment
  • Springs used in instruments and other electro-mechanical devices
  • Springs used in door locks and windows

Calculate a Custom Compression Spring

ODOP:Spring Compression Spring Force vs. Deflection Diagram
Annotated Compression Spring
ODOP:Spring Design Software Calculator View Compression Spring U.S. New
Calculator View for compression spring designs in U.S. units.

Choose your preferred units of measurement below to launch the software.

An ODOP:Spring user account is required to save designs into a private Design Library. You can sign up for a private account within the app. See User Accounts* for more details.

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