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Built on ODOP

ODOP:Spring is an application of the Open Design Optimization Platform (ODOP)*, free and open-source software that facilitates the analysis and design of a broad range of engineering problems for which mathematical models are available.

The ODOP software consists of a problem-independent component, the solution “platform” on which multiple problem-specific components (referred to as “design types”) may be constructed.

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Spring Design for Highly Constrained Problems

ODOP:Spring is a full-featured app enabling the engineering design of helical coil springs, currently including compression spring, extension spring and torsion spring designs. While certainly capable of analyzing the performance of an existing spring design, ODOP:Spring is more powerful than a spring calculator and is at its best when used to develop solutions to difficult and highly constrained original design problems.

Typical spring calculators perform design analysis, requiring users to make repeated inputs (independent variables of the design equations like wire diameter, coil diameter, number of coils and loads) until the desired outputs (dependent variables like deflections, stresses, weight, and estimated cycle life) are achieved.

On the other hand, ODOP:Spring performs design synthesis to invert the dependent / independent relationships of the design equations and perform constrained optimization. You input specific goals, and ODOP:Spring returns the variable values that best meet those goals.

Open Source. Free to Use.

The ODOP:Spring web app has been developed under the open-source model. For end users, it is free to use. Phone and email technical support are also free. As a web app, version upgrades are free and occur automatically the next time the user returns to the web page.

ODOP:Spring can be private-labeled and offered on your organization’s web site to provide added value and convey technical competence to customers.  It is possible to incorporate vendor-specific material property and wire size tables, as well as stock spring catalogs.  Please contact us for assistance.

ODOP:Spring Design Software Advanced View Torsion Spring US
Advanced View for torsion spring designs in U.S. units.
ODOP:Spring Design Software Calculator View Torsion Spring U.S. New
Calculator View for torsion spring designs in U.S. units.

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