Getting Started with ODOP:Spring

More powerful than a typical spring calculator, ODOP:Spring is a full-featured web app enabling the engineering design of helical coil springs.

There is nothing to install to launch ODOP:Spring. The only requirements to design springs are an Internet connection and recent web browser. An ODOP user account* is required to save designs into the ODOP Design Library.

The software will operate on both desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) and mobile (iOS, Android) operating systems. A large screen, keyboard and mouse are recommended for the best possible first impression. More detail is available in the Requirements* entry of the on-line Help.

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In addition to providing access to Online Help, the ODOP Help menu provides access to the Tutorial and Demo features. The Tutorial sessions teach how to use the software. The Demonstration sessions illustrate problem-solving techniques as well as provide sample solutions to several generally available reference-book problems.

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